F. S. Professional Cue Repair Lathe


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    F. S. Professional Cue Repair Lathe

    Post  dutch824 on Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:59 pm

    This is a NEW Professional Cue Repair Lathe. It is not designed nor is it intended to be a cue building lathe. It has been assembled checked and tested for all operations. It will do tips, ferrules, tenons and tenon replacement, joint collars, joint pins, ring work, butt caps, rewraps, and just about any other type of cue repair including house cues. It has a 48” Bed, and full usable 42” carriage travel. The headstock has a 3 jaw self centering chuck. The setup includes a stronger continuous duty ½ hp reversible rotation motor with full variable speed control, removable plug-in foot control for doing rewraps, a Quickset Bearing Steadyrest, an Adjustable Steadyrest with 3 jaw self centering chuck, a drilling tailstock with ½ inch Jacobs chuck. It also comes with a concave live center and 3 delrin collets for butt and joint work and nylon collets for shafts tip end and for shaft joint end… etc. It comes mounted, complete and ready to go. I do not have any training tapes available at this time. If you have any questions please just ask!! Shipping via Fedex Ground or Fedex Express are available if you will send me your zip code. If you have any questions please just ask. Due to increased costs, the current price as of 2/03/10 $1075.00, prepaid Money Order... or add 3% if you want to use PayPal. Cue Making World Members take a $50.00 discount, see photos at Thanks a Million!! Todd

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    Re: F. S. Professional Cue Repair Lathe

    Post  crazzycat on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:19 am

    thanks for this info, hope you are talking truth
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